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'One Page Management System' (OPMS)
Our Purpose
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Our fundamental purpose is to enable individuals and groups function more effectively in all the thinking and working that they may do in complex systems

In the conventional way, both individuals and groups are unable to bring to bear their intrinsic abilities to bear on problems they want to tackle, Missions they want to accomplish

How we shall realize our purpose

We use the 'structure-based science of complexity', propounded by Professor John N. Warfield, as realised in the methodologies comprising'Interactive Managment' (IM).

Specifically, we shall use the 'One Page Management System' (OPMS approach to problem solving and decision making.

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Our Mission

To propagate (OPMS) in India and abroad, applying it to issues of concern to:
  • Individuals
  • organisations
  • society as a whole.
The OPMS approach enables individuals and groups
to tackle problems, accomplish Missions
in the most effective way possible.

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