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The One Page Management System (OPMS)

(It's an "Operating System for the Human Mind!")

(This is G.S. Chandy's temporary website.
All material on this site copyright G.S. Chandy, except for
"Managing For Innovation", which is copyright G.S. Chandy & N.R. Pradhan.
For permissions, please write to G.S. Chandy [chandygs (at) hotmail dot com])

Below, you'll find a number of documents about the OPMS
(And a PowerPoint presentation)
18-Jan-04: The OPMS software will also be available soon for download
along with information about how to become an OPMS Facilitator

The 'One Page Management System' OPMS is a uniquely powerful
aid to problem solving and decision making, developing out of John N. Warfield's
seminal contributions to systems design: the "structural science of system design" and
the methodologies to realise it, namely, 'Interactive Management'.
Linkages to more information about John Warfield's work are available
at John Warfield's site and at Martin Ryder's site
on "Cybernetics, Systems Theory and Complexity".

From my site, you can only download some documentation about the OPMS.
In due course, I shall add more utility to this site, I promise!
We are planning an interactive website, from which you could download
OPMS software, and also enter into interactive problem-
solving sessions using an Internet version of the OPMS software

Meanwhile, please make do with the documents I've uploaded here.
For more information, you can email me at: chandygs (at) hotmail dot com
I shall send you Word (.doc) files about the OPMS as a standard.
[If you don't like Word documents, I can send you Adobe (.pdf) files
if you specifically ask for them].

Want to try out the OPMS software rightaway, at its current level of 85% readiness?
Please write to me! [At: : chandygs (at) hotmail dot com]

O: The concept underlying the OPMS

All said and done, the OPMS is simply about how to re-awaken the
'question-asking faculty' that was an inherent part of each of us
before we were put into school. Right through school and college,
we are too often forced to suppress this crucial faculty of ours,
because it's not 'convenient' for 'the system' to have our questions
answered. Check out How A Child Learns.doc (30K) for more information
on this important issue.

A: About the OPMS - General Info

1) 01-04-03 - OPMS - in Outline - 0.doc (133k)
OR 01-04-03 - OPMS - in Outline - 0.pdf (122k)
2) OPMS - meaning of 'One Page'.doc (90k)
3) OPMS Powerpoint Presentation.ppt (553k)
(Note: To download the above large PowerPoint file with the OPMS presentation,
use "Save Target As...", then open it after it's saved on your disk)

B.I: Using the OPMS

1) How To Accomplish a Mission.doc (123k)
OR How To Accomplish a Mission.pdf (75k)
2) OPMS - Major steps to create.doc (46k)
OR OPMS - Major steps to create.pdf (34k)

B.II: The OPMS Software

(27-Jan-04): The OPMS software has been uploaded at the 'Behaviourome' project -
a discussion group at YahooGroups. (I'm unable to upload OPMS software here
in its current format).

Please go to YahooGroups and
register to become a member of YahooGroups.
Then open up the 'Behaviourome' project in YahooGroups, join up there.
You will find the 'OPMS software' at the 'Files Facility' there.
You will have to go to the 'Method 8' sub-folder!
There you will find various sub-folders, amongst which is "OPMS Software".

Write to me when you have successfully downloaded the exe file, and I shall
send you the installation code. I shall ask you to send me a 'confidentiality
agreement' which will include a clause stating that you will use the
software for yourself and not commercially at all without taking written permission
from me. It's a 30-day trial version - (30 'use-days', not 'working days').

I am really sorry to subject you to this complicated way of downloading
the software - but I request you to bear with me till I can get my own website going!
(I have very few skills in html - and you have no idea of how very difficult it was
for me to do this much!! However, I do assure you that, if you stick with it and
learn how to apply the OPMS approach to your real-life issues,
you would possess a skill of extraordinary value to you).

In one of the other sub-folders at Behaviourome, I've started on discussing a
live example of how to develop an OPMS for a chosen Mission. I shall be taking
some of the Behaviourome people through the process step-by-step, for a while at least.
(We shan't be creating a complete/comprehensive OPMS).

B.III: Becoming an OPMS Facilitator!

(18-Jan-04: An exciting career for those who want to 'think out of the box'.
1) About OPMS Facilitator Training.doc (40k)
2) Schedule of Facilitator Training Program.doc (54k)
(NOTE: The schedule of the Facilitator Training Program has since been changed
considerably - this is provided only for reference. But Item 1 above IS important!)

C: Brief Technical Background about OPMS

1) 01 - The power of the word - June 03.doc (137k)
OR 01 - The power of the word - June 03.pdf (102k)
2) OPMS - Technology Behind.doc (54KB)
OR Technology behind OPMS.pdf (46k)

D: OPMS - Other

1) Progress on any mission.pdf (26k)
2) OPMS - Deep Logic.doc (58K)
OR OPMS - deep logic.pdf (44k)

E: OPMS - Spinoffs

1) OPMS - abstract of spinoffs.xls (24k)
2) OPMS - Profile Matching Example.xls (21K)
3) OPMS - SWOT Super Analyzer.doc (45k)

F: A Grab-Bag of OPMS Stuff

(These are some documents put up just to illustrate various aspects of the
OPMS to those interested. Most of the documents here are
'Drafts for discussion' only. Some are even incomplete, put up here just to
respond to various questions being asked - please do wait awhile to
see the complete documents).

1) A General System for Progress on any Mission.doc (51K)
2) Doing The Right Thing Vs Doing It Right.doc (27K)
3) Efficiency Vs Effectiveness.doc (34K)
4) How A Child Learns.doc (30K)
5) OPMS 3-Pager - General.doc (40K)
6) OPMS Deliverables.doc (20K)
7) Meaning of OPMS.doc (90K)
8) Managing For Innovation.doc (3816K)
(Note: To download the above large file, use "Save Target As...", then
open it after it's saved on your disk)
9) Hierarchy of OPMS in an Organization.doc (28K)
10) OPMS - an 'Operating System for the Human Mind'.doc (29K)
11) To Get The Right Ideas.doc (42K)
12) Transitive Relations + What is Modeling.doc (28K)
13) What Is Modeling?.doc (23K)
14) Learning Vs Unlearning.doc (384K)
15) Prose + 'Warfield Graphics'.doc (29K)
16) 'Warfield Graphics'.doc (67K)
17) GSC Brief Bio.doc (30K)
(No. 17 has been put up because several visitors to this site have been asking for this information).

(More to follow!)

G: OPMS - The Blog!

I plan to launch a blog about the OPMS. Watch this space!

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